Leonardo Zanivan

Software Architect


  • Software Architect specialized in hyper growth SaaS and enterprise systems.
  • Executes company strategy and projects with excellence.
  • Self-learner and passionate for new technologies and research.
  • Former postgraduate professor in software engineering classes.
  • Speaker in software developer events such as QCon, JavaOne, and The Developers Conference.
  • Apache committer and contributor of OSS. e.g: Hibernate, Weld, Spring, QueryDSL, Keycloak, and Arquillian.

I am most skilled in: Software Architecture, Java/JavaEE/Spring, JavaScript/Node.js, Go, Python, Angular, React, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Security/IAM, DevOps/SRE, Docker/Kubernetes, Cloud/AWS/Azure.




Senior Software Architect

January 2022 - Present

The world leader in identity platform.

I lead a team responsible for designing and building the company’s SaaS production infrastructure with a focus on scalability, reliability, efficiency and security. I leveraged AWS and Azure cloud services, implemented infrastructure automation, and ensured strong adherence to compliance certifications. I have deep expertise in cloud infrastructure, microservices, and SRE concepts. My role includes driving the long-term vision for the system architecture, while also collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance Okta’s products. My communication skills and commitment to excellence contributed to Okta’s mission of prioritizing identity business security and growth by antecipatng problems and giving strategic solutions.


auth0.com (acquired by Okta)

Software Architect

August 2018 - December 2021

Provide a universal authentication & authorization platform for web, mobile and legacy applications.

Worked as a Software Architect in Auth0 engineering team. During my trajectory, I’ve help to build and lead the IAM (Identity and Access Management) Core Foundations and User Management teams. I’m part of the company journey from a startup to a unicorn and merge with Okta. My main role was to scale our SaaS identity platform to manage billions of authentications and users using Node.js, Go, Java, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Kubernetes, Kafka on AWS and Azure clouds.

Aurea Software


Chief Software Architect

April 2016 - July 2018

Enterprise software library with solutions for many verticals and business needs.

Worked as Chief Software Architect in engineering team developing new features in multi-million dollar products such as CX API Manager, CX Dashboard, CX Messenger (Sonic MQ/ESB), CX Monitor (Actional), CX Process (Savvion BPM), ACE (GCE), LyrisHQ, PA5G, Knowledge Marketing, using a wide variety of technologies (Java, C#, Angular, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Spark) to solve complex problems and deploy SaaS high availability solutions in AWS Cloud.

  • Developing expertise in one or more of our proprietary enterprise software products.
  • Leveraging your broad technology capability set and maintain a level of excitement in using various technologies to architect, develop, and iteratively deploy real enterprise class software.
  • Achieving an expert level understanding of our customers environments and their use of our products.
  • Architecting and leading weekly technical delivery of one or more products in a way that maintains an unyielding focus on quality while matching the needs of the target customer base.
  • Creating solutions architecture, algorithms, and designs for solutions that scale to the customer’s enterprise/global requirements.
  • Leading a team of senior software engineers to apply best software engineering practices and implement automation across all elements of solution delivery.
  • Manage accountability of team members, with pinpoint focus on quality.
  • Personally accountable for resolution of the most technically challenging requirements.

Trier Sistemas


Senior Software Architect

May 2014 - April 2016

The biggest ERP & PoS pharmacy software player in Brazil.

Worked as a Senior Software Architect with a team of 50+ developers to deliver new products and SaaS solutions. The results were a migration from existing on-premise deployment to a SaaS offering and a new microservices architecture to scale multi-tenants and deliver new features faster.

  • Software architecture design.
  • Code quality assurance.
  • Software release process.
  • Implement agile methodologies.
  • Define and verify best coding practices.
  • Technical mentoring.

Betha Sistemas


Senior System Architect

August 2007 - April 2014

Started my career as a engineer and reached a Senior System Architect position designing and implementing the new “cloud” line of products for public services solutions for more than 900 Brazilian cities. The solutions included resource planning, accounting, HR, educational, contract management and taxpayer systems. Responsible for bringing new technologies and methodologies that helped the company to achieve the next generation of products in SaaS model impacting over 200 developers and thousands of users. The company investment in this project was greater than 10 million US dollars.


Instituto de Gestão e Tecnologia da Informação - IGTI

MBA Software Architecture

2013 - 2014

Established in 2006, IGTI is a post-graduation specialization school for IT.

During my time at IGTI, I have met and learned from IT experts all over Brazil in which a variety of industries. I had the opportunity to practice all my knowledge in my current position as a system architect and lead the company to the best industry practices.

Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas da Região Carbonífera - FACIERC

BSc Computer Information Systems

2008 - 2011

Established in 2000, FACIERC is a graduation school of sciences in Santa Catarina state, Brazil.

When I joined at FACIERC I was already working in the IT field as a software engineer at a software company (Betha Sistemas) and the academic environment helped to jump to the next stage in my career to become a system architect.

SATC - Educação, Tecnologia e Inovação

Information Technology School

2005 - 2007

Established in 1963, SATC is a well-known technical school that exports technicians to wide Brazil.

During my time at SATC, I learnt most of my key skills that have I have taken through my career such as IT, teamwork and working to tight deadlines. The technical course was integral time and included IT fundamentals, electronics, physics, and math.


  • Brazilian and Italian citizen.
  • Speaks Portuguese and English.
  • Live in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil (UTC-3).
  • Working remote.